Zack & Robyn | Wedding

What a fun wedding!! I flew up to Kansas City to capture their day. I was so blown away by how incredibly hospitable both of these families were! I’ll look back on that weekend with fond memories forever. Kansas City was beautiful and the weather was aaaamazing. It seriously couldn’t have been a more perfect day. I had such a hard time narrowing these photos down…I guess I just felt a special connection to all of them since I spent all weekend there. By Sunday, I think I knew pretty much every family member and wedding party member by name. And that’s saying a lot…during Zack and Robyn’s engagement session, I kept calling her Ashley, when I knew her name was Robyn.

We live in the same apartment complex as Robyn and Zack. We met each other through our dogs and I see them everyday in our backyard from the balcony playing with Toby. We love our neighbors!

Also, see if you can spot the surprise, you can’t miss him!

I want to go back and do it all over again!!

Okay, now look closely at this next image. His mother will probably hate me for posting this, but hey….your only 5 once in your life! I just about died when I caught it on camera. This will be one of those photos that will be on the slideshow of his rehearsal dinner when he gets married. Everyone will chuckle about how spunky he was and they’ll tell him to watch out when he has kids of his own because what “comes around goes around”. And I say to you, little man, you’re making history 😉

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