Welcome . . . !!!!

Oh girls {and guys if you like to follow blogs, too 🙂 }, I am so excited to have this blog/website up and running. I think I will refer to it as my weblog thingy. So…

Welcome to my weblog thingy!

This is where I will be posting pictures from recent photo sessions and then whatever else strikes my fancy…or yours if you become a loyal follower. I love pretty things, so I will surely post beautiful things to inspire, and hopefully some fun tutorials on things like doing hair, tying scarves, sewing and home decor projects, and maybe a few photography/photoshop tutorials. You probably won’t see many recipes on here…because let’s face it, I hate don’t really like cooking. That sounds so awful doesn’t it? It is a little depressing for me to think about, but I’m just keepin’ it real, and in the midst of creativity and fun, I promise to do just that. {Because we all feel a little better about ourselves when we know that other people are just as crazy/out of control/ridiculous as we are}.

Speaking of beautiful…I have an unhealthy obsession with crewcuts. Oh. Dear.

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