the beginnings of a simple baby book

Although I’m feeling very sentimental and admittedly sad that my baby is growing so fast, I figured I should get a jump start on her baby book!

I knew I wanted it to include photos (duh) and for the layout to be fairly simple–something that I could easily keep up with in the coming months.  I’m writing her one letter a month with noteworthy things that happened during that month. I have plenty of photos of her, but wanted a way to pin photos to words and keep track of her growth.  After, the twelfth month, I’ll order a square book with pages that are sturdy enough to be enjoyed by her in the coming years.  The inspiration came from here.

I gave myself permission to write the letters quickly and from the heart. I will proofread and tweak little things before I order it. I am such a perfectionist about certain things. In the name of making it ‘just right’ I’ll put things like this off until I have the energy for perfection. Well you know what? Ain’t nobody got time for perfection! For me, done is better than perfect, because perfect never gets done.

Anyways, I thought I’d share the pages we have so far, so that you can see what little Ellie’s been up to!

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