I was on cloud nine by the time this session was finished. Shanna’s was my first senior session of the season and I was reminded how much I love them!!

Shanna and I go way back.  Her older sister Samantha and I were good friends growing up, so naturally I got to know Shanna pretty well from the countless sleepovers, carpools, and summer adventures. Our friend group loved going over to Sam’s house for sleepovers and after school play dates. Her mom let us run a little wild (she’s gonna kill me admitting that one!) and she got such a kick out of our cat fights and unnecessary drama. Being the mother of three girls can do that to you I guess. You can either fight it or laugh it off. I loved that she picked the latter. We would go on these grand adventures on the land behind their house. There was a “haunted house” that we crawled in and out of, i’m pretty sure we swam in the tank (eww), and jumped for ours on their trampoline. We overloaded the tramp on a regular basis and became experts at double bouncing. Shanna and Suzanne would beg to get on with us, but we were kinda mean back then and didn’t let them. Girls, I’m so sorry about that, by the way! Anyway, one time we had like 8 or 9 girls on the tramp and someone double bounced me right off the tramp. I hyperextended my knee and was a big crybaby about it….but honestly, I was proud and thought it was a pretty bad ass injury.

While we were at the session I asked Shanna what she remembers about me from the good ‘ole days. She said, “All I remember was that you had this Shania Twain CD that Suzanne and I were obsessed with.” LOL, I’m glad I was good for something! I didn’t have to ask Robin what she remembers about me. She has a an orange vomit stain in her living room from when I ate too many cheesy Doritos at a sleepover. I know she remembers what a joy it was to clean that in the middle of the night!

I love that Shanna marches to the beat of her own drum. She is adventurous, unique and has a great sense of humor. I’ve always thought she looked like someone, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Well, I was flipping through IMDB the other day and came across Dakota Fanning and then realized that’s who she looks like! Anyway, Shanna has always been so darn cute. I absolutely loved the outfits she chose, complete with glitter nails and those blue eyes!

We finished the session on South Congress and much to my delight, Shanna begged for some Hey Cupcake. So, we casually ordered and she ate and then she ate some more forgot I was there.I had to ask her to take her eyes off the cupcake and give the camera some lovin’!! Haha, gotta love her!

It was such a fun time riding around in the van with Robin and Mammaw! It brought back so many good memories and made me so thankful to have people like them in my life. Robin confessed to reading my every blog post and encouraged me so much in what I’m doing. You know how you expect your mom to support and encourage you in everything? Well your friend’s moms certainly don’t have to, but this one did and it felt so good.

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