Craft Week Day 2 | Rosette Necklace

Good morning!

I made this necklace for my friend Holly as a going away present last week. I used the same fabric from yesterday’s bow pillow. Apparently, I got a little too crazy with the hot glue, so make sure to not make that same mistake!


-3 strips of scrap fabric (mine were 1.5″ x 15″ to make tiny rosettes)

-hot glue gun

-a silver necklace chain (I repurposed an old one that I didn’t wear anymore)

-felt circles

Here a great tutorial on how to roll and glue the rosette. I forgot to take pictures of the back part of the necklace to show you how I attached the rosettes. I made this headband several months ago and basically used the same technique to secure the rosettes to the headband. Just pretend this is the necklace.

Cut out 6 dime sized felt circles. Hot glued one felt circle to each rosette. Then place the chain in the center of the rosette, cover the dime-sized bottom felt with glue, and then place the second felt piece on top. Hold it in place for several seconds to secure it. Repeat the same process for the other two rosettes.

Make sure you position the rosettes in a slight semi-circle on the necklace. You want them to be slightly rounded instead of straight across.

And you’re done! The possibilities are endless with these rosettes. They are probably the easiest and fastest craft I’ve done all year.

I made one for the center of this wreath:

And my sister-in-law made this one, braiding three strands of fabric before rolling and gluing.

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather! I sat on the porch this morning with my coffee, bible, and a blanket. It was that chilly.


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