our other half

We love these two three something fierce! If a fire struck our apartment while we were away and my Lilly girl was trapped inside, I’d call up the Swans and they’d come to her rescue. Backstory….I’ve been thinking about fires a lot lately (for obvious reasons) and every time I leave the house I feel the need to hurry back real quick to make sure the place isn’t in flames.

The Swans live across the street…probably mentioned that 4 times before, but just want to clarify and talk about how awesome it is one more time. Sometimes we spy on them (in a totally not creepy way) at night because 1) they always leave their curtains open and 2) because if the lights are on and it’s anywhere between 9-10pm, Stephen is doing dishes. It’s like “Friends” over here, you guys. And I love it.

Sunday dinners together, Ashton makes us fresh salsa every week, the pups have 3-4 playdates a week, we play “bananagrams” after dinner at least every other week, Ashton records my favorite shows and I come over to watch them since they’ve got cable (for the time being), I take Mousse potty at lunchtime when they can’t make it home, we go to neighboring parks to fish, play volleyball and hike. We share cleaning supplies, food, red box movies, and have frequent impromptu get togethers where Ashton and I talk about one of three things: pregnancy, birth, or babies. She is on her labor&delivery/maternity rotation for nursing school and it certainly isn’t helping our baby fever. The boys talk about fishing, sports, and random nerdy things…actually they mostly just gripe that we are talking about babies so much. Oh and we talk about our dogs, to our dogs, and in our dogs’ voices maybe 50% of the time.

Don’t judge.

I never want these days to end.

It’s a good thing these two are easy on the eyes considering how much we have to look at them!

Between Tom, Ashton, and Stephen I never have to plan or cook much of anything around here. I like to say I’m in charge of “documenting life.” I always make it sound like I do nothing around here, lol. I swear I do things….I clean, I launder, I pick up, I buy car batteries and dog food, I wash, I bake, I babysit, I research, I make smoothies, I create, I help…and I let the planners do their thing and come along for the ride.  In college I was more of “I’ve gotta plan every minute of this day” kind of girl. SO LONG to that life! I love having openings in my schedule to be spontaneous, serve others, or just go for a walk and mingle with neighbors. I’m loving this simple life and I’m never going back to my schizo, over-committed days. I feel like I’m getting it…It being the life God has always wanted for me…one that is centered around people, rather than things, success, and activities.



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