October in Hawaii

Well, not much is changing around here in terms of seasons, but that’s fine by me. You’ll be seeing more of us on the blog, because now is the best time to celebrate what God is doing in our lives. It sounds so silly, but I think I’ve missed out on a lot of cool opportunities to document and celebrate this stage of life we are in. In my mind we are boring subjects and practically, it is really difficult to capture both of us in one photo without having to ask a friend or stranger to take it for us. And then it’s no fun if someone else does the documenting..

So we’ve started taking the tripod to the beach with us! It is really quite fun and we have a heck of a time laughing at how goofy we are. I’ve also encouraged Tom to get behind the camera more. I put it on the settings I want and then he goes from there. He is pretty darn good! It’s important to me that I am in photos, as well. It’s pretty annoying when mom’s not in any of the pictures!

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