north shore vacation | Oahu north shore family photography

I just love living amongst vacationers! They inspire me to live a 24/7 vacation and get behind on all things “real life”. It’s a real problem over here at my house. Especially now that it’s “summer” aka, less rain and a few degrees warmer. It does still feel like summer is upon us, though. I need some watermelon.

I just love spending time with families and meeting people from all over the world. I love hearing your stories and how your vacation has been. I love that you allow me to peak into your family for a short time and capture pieces of who you are. Every single person I photograph is infinitely beautiful to me. I really mean that. Thank you for inspiring me and showing me a little bit more of God’s beauty and creativity.

This dear family emerged from a long mainland winter and vacationed here for a few weeks. Even grandma came along! (Had to sneak in a photo of her with the grandkids!)


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