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Ever wonder which ones are my favorite? Well, here they are! It was very difficult to narrow down my favorites, and I’m not completely convinced that this is Bailey Lane in summarized form, but after 3 hours of adding and deleting photos from the list, this is what I’ve got. I’m in the process of nailing down my style. Well, I already have a “style”, but I need to put it into words. So, I thought a collection of my favorite images might help me come up with some snazzy adjectives!


I rated the images on light, eyes, emotion, pose/posture, color. I had a list of 50 that I absolutely loved and then narrowed them down using these 5 criteria. I left out the detail was hard to pick a strawberry over a person’s face, lol. The details are so important to me, though. They help give context and story to each of my sessions, but for this exercise I had to give them the boot.

On a similar note, I’ve updated my portfolio. Hooray for me! And for you. Please note: my slideshows will look different on the iPhone (and other smart phones), so always check from a computer if you want a more accurate view.

Lastly, I found these sweet pictures of Kellen on my computer today! They are over 2 years old.¬†This is a big deal, y’all. I got my computer stolen last year and lost all of my photos from college. SUPER depressing time in my life. I searched and searched for these particular photos on my camera cards and could not find them. They are so special because this was essentially my very first portrait session. Ever.


I remember exactly how I felt while taking these. I remember noticing little things about his face that I never noticed before..the way his cheeks turned flush when it’s cold outside. The way his eyes sparkled when I turned him toward the light. How he looked even more childlike when I took a picture of him from above, and how that simple little aircraft gave such character to his photos. Nothing in the world mattered more than soaking up our moments together and documenting his every adorable move. That afternoon was truly a gift from God–a little glimpse into the future I dreamed I would have. Really, I have no idea how the pictures turned out as good as they did, because some of my later photos didn’t look nearly this good! Lol, I say that because, I think this was the Lord’s doing. He knows me. He knew I needed a little success and encouragement to believe that this was truly my calling. Y’all He is good.

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