meet the parents

Meet “The -Rents”, as Tom would say. I thought it’d be fun for you to get to know the whole fam:-)

The older I get, the more I love hanging out with these two. Wouldn’t you say I look like a good mixture of the two of them? Most say I look like Mom, but I see Dad in there, too. The next two pictures are of my brother, who is 21 and then a picture of all my favorite boys…the dad, the hubby, the bro, and the other bro, Elvis, a.k.a. our beloved Dachschund, a.k.a. our beloved wiener. and the apple of our eye. We’re freaks.

 The last three are of my little cousins, also taken on my Grandma’s farm. We love going out there and much to my delight, it is an amazing place to take pictures. Seriously though, I am so thankful for my parents and brother.

I’m always finding an excuse to go hang out with my parents, because they are totally fun-loving, active, and hilarious, not to mention the most generous people I know. We are lucky because Tom’s parents are equally loving and generous!

I often think to myself–it wouldn’t be sooo bad to grow up to be like my parents 🙂 However, I’ll never aspire to be as loud as mom is at football games, or any sporting event for that matter. If you know her, you can agree…the girl’s got some ferocious school SPIRIT!

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