me and ellie | Oahu newborn photography

It seems like I was pregnant in another lifetime. I don’t even recognize myself! Side note, I was a hot mess towards the end of my pregnancy… face breaking out, roots grown out 6 inches, and trying to stretch my wardrobe as much as possible. These pictures were taken a few days before we had her via semi emergency c-section. I was so not ready to have her yet!

And a few pics of my firstborn with her slick haircut:)

And here we are at about 6 weeks, I believe. I looooonged to meet her while pregnant. I spent hours wondering what she would be like and there she is in my arms. It is the craziest, coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. One day, I will get around to writing her birth story once I’ve processed it all.

Love her!

That last one is my favorite. Such an accurate view of my life during those first few weeks. Thanks to my hubby for taking all of these!

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