Maddie had a good day

I took some family/newborn photos for my friend Barbara a few weeks ago. I always get a little..okay, VERY nervous when I am taking newborn photos and there’s a toddler in the house. I can manage the 4+ years old, but it’s the 18 month-3 year olds that scare me a little. Bless their hearts…their excitement for life just gets them into trouble when it’s time to follow directions. But somehow it always works out and at least a few photos that I love.

I got the first few of Maddie during Tucker’s nap time 😉 She did GREAT! Tucker cooperated pretty well for some individual shots and was even nice to baby sister for a few sacred seconds.

I’m not gonna lie…most of the outtakes look like the last one, but worse! This one was at least somewhat flattering:) So funny and crazy, yet beautiful and real. I love these moments just as much. Love you guys!

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