que the high pitched squeals..

Because by golly miss molly is somethin’ else in this hat!

What a beautiful baby. I say it every time, but seriously, I think all my babies are beautiful! No matter how grumpy they are or how much poo they get on my blankets, I can’t get enough of these little monsters. Maybe I need to stick around for the 3 am feedings to get a REAL dose of newborn life:-)

Speaking of babies, have you guys seen this documentary?

We watched it a few weeks ago and I fell in love. The first part makes me laugh:-) The first year of human life is absolutely fascinating! I loved watching it remembering all of the things I learned in college studying early childhood development. The physical growth and development that happens is definitely remarkable, but what I’m most in awe of is the way the brain develops. The way the synapses connect within those first few years builds the foundation for a whole new personality and intellect. I think we can learn a lot about human nature and our Creator by observing babies in their first year of life. Yesterday, I watched this show by Nat Geo, the Science of Babies. I don’t know if they talk about this kind of stuff in the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” type books…but I learned something new: in the first year babies will lose certain innate abilities in order to master others. For example, babies can differentiate between any kind of face, even non-human ones like monkeys at 6 months (supposedly they know this by tracking brain waves), but at 9 months they lose this ability because they’ve learned that it’s only important to differentiate between human faces as a means of survival. Isn’t it interesting? In my classes we talked a lot about how children will generously lump remotely similar objects into the same category (i.e. every furry animal is a puppy) so that they their brains can make sense of a complicated and chaotic world. It seems like losing the ability to differentiate between faces of other animals would be the beginning stages of the brain’s attempt to categorize and simplify the world in order to understand it and explore it.

I guess what I’m trying to say with all of that is this…I’m not only in awe of babies because they are cute. The first year of life is unique and fragile. They are learning at rapid speed and there is so much to observe. I find myself pondering the big philosophical things in life when I’m with them. I guess some people would find that ironic, but if you’re a parent maybe you get what I’m saying. People always say they’re able to understand God as their loving Father more fully once they have kids. Mostly, these little ones remind me that I too am helpless. They remind me that I am weak and that I need a Savior..not just that I needed him, but that I still need him everyday. And I can rejoice because I have him and he is with me always.

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