Leftover wedding stuff put to good use

This time last year, Tom and I were shopping around for wedding registry stuff. It was incredibly fun and overwhelming at the same time, and as fun as it was, I’m glad it’s OVER. We’ve been married 6 months and everything is set up in our cozy little apartment. Some of the things that I treasure the most are the little trinkets that were left over from the wedding.

Here are a few that I already had pictures of:

1. My favorite! This was the belt I wore with my wedding dress and here it is in a shadow box Mama gave me.

2. My garter hangs in our bedroom on an Anthropologie hook.

3. The silver thing is the monogram we put on the dance floor, and the bow is from some left over material from my bridesmaids’ dresses.

4.  The quote is one of my favorites that I found in Ragamuffin Gospel and the colored paper behind it are a few of the wedding cards from gifts we received. I tore them in half and hot glued them to some more left over material from bridesmaid dresses.

5. The yellow birds are an engagement present from my maid of honor and the picture behind it was signed by everyone at our rehearsal dinner.

6. The crystal candle holders were on the head tables at the wedding and now they contain my hair clips and ponytails.

I am at my parents house with 2 kids and three dogs. It is anything but quiet and I’ll be surprised if this post makes sense. As much as I love the craziness, I can definitely wait a while for this! As always, God has His own plans, but I am loving the freedom, peace, and quiet in my home. Oh, and my white couch says she’s not ready to be destroyed just yet. Pictures of her and her other white furniture friends later.

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