lace earring holder & another doily pillow

Another embroidery hoop project. I lined up the lace and popped it in place. Super easy! I don’t know where I’m going to put it, but I’m sure I can find a place.

I’ve made this pillow a while back, but it was just sort of blah. I gave it a little face lift a few weeks ago and it’s looking much better.

I used some old scrap fabric and a doily I got from Canton. This was mostly made with hot glue. I did sew the 1/4 inch seam on the middle part that wraps around the middle and I sewed another 1/2 inch seam on the ruffle part in the middle. I slid a piece of ribbon (tied to a long pencil) inside the seam and cinched it to create a ruffle. I situated the ruffle into a large circle and tied the ribbon in a knot on either end to secure the ruffle. Super ghetto. But wait it get’s better. Instead of sewing the ruffle and doily to the pillow, I hot glued it. I tried sewing it and it looked terrible. The hot glue gave me more control over the pleats on the ruffle.

Kind of reminds me of a sunflower.

Anyway, I’ve got to run! My parents are putting us up here this weekend for an anniversary present. It’s where we had our wedding reception and stayed the weekend of the wedding. The only thing on our agenda is to get one last tan before the winter paste sets in!

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