Kaena Point North Shore Side | North Shore Family Photography

Wanted to post these for anyone that might be interested in doing a shoot on the North Shore. I do a TON of sessions over at Bellows. It’s beautiful and convenient over there. But I’m looking to change it up some! These were taken at various parts of the day near Kaena Point. I’ve fallen in love with both the north and south sides of Kaena Point. Let me know if you’re interested!

We stopped at the beach where they filmed the hit series Lost. This is where the plane crash scenes from season 1 were filmed. Before we moved here, I remember swooning over that beach on tv. And what do you know, here’s my baby sitting on it two years later. Just a regular Saturday for her, lol.

And then we did the hike. It’s such a nice one to do wearing a baby. It’s flat and really easy. I wish we would have started it closer to sunset to avoid the harsh rays on our haole skin.

We pretty much hung out there long enough to catch the sunset. It was so golden, hazy, and green! And you can never have too many photos with mom and baby, capturing the magic that is motherhood.

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