Just saying hi & a note about holiday cards

Not much to report here. And honestly, it bothers me. I know one day I will crave these days of peaceful lounging, but it’s hard for me to enjoy the quiet seasons in life. Do you ever feel that way?

This whole year has been a lesson in contentment. My heart tends to look forward to the next big thing instead of being fully present. Tom knows this all too well. And it’s not like I never get to do anything exciting….we’ve done lots of exciting things in our first year of marriage. A road trip across 5 states, a cruise to three Caribbean islands, another road trip to Gulf Shores, and countless mini trips to see friends and family all over the state. We got a dog, I started a business, we found community, we watched all eight seasons of 24 and I fell in love with Jack Bauer, we watched all 5 seasons of Dexter and I fell in love with Dexter…lol, but seriously we have a good life and I need to be thankful.

That was an unexpected pep talk I just gave myself and I’m already feeling a bit more positive. What I really wanted to announce is this:

Because you know the holiday cards with photos are everyone’s favorite! So I’ve been working up a plan…

I’ll be offering short mini sessions at a central location (I think, I’m still figuring that part out). I’ve designed 7 holiday cards (so far), so the package will be a 20 minute photo session + 25 cards. You will have the option to purchase as many cards (in sets of 25) as you want and, of course, choose your design and the photo(s) you want to use. I’m super excited about these! I’m trying very hard to make this very easy and affordable for you because I know this time of year is crazy and there are lots of things to do and buy. There will also be discounts for the early birds. I’ll be announcing it officially very soon!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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