Cutest dimples EVER. This was one of my funnest sessions to date. Jacy’s parents joined us for the session and let me tell you… I LOVE THEM. They were so fun and crazy. We just giggled at them the entire time. We started the session on some farm land their friends own. It rained the week before and the mosquitos were swarming us. I had to clone stamp a few mosquitos off of Jacy’s skin. That’s a first.

 We moved on from there to this field of yellow flowers. It’s right by my parents’ house and I’ve been eyeing it for years, waiting for the person to plop in there, because yellow flowers are so happy and I needed a happy subject. Jacy was perfect! 
Glitter is awesome on camera. Jacy wanted to try a few things with glitter and I’m so glad we did, because it resulted in one of my favorite shots ever. The railroad tracks were a bonus. They can be overdone and cheesy, but I love the way the sun reflects off of the metal at sunset. I love the soft lines it gives in the background and they double as a prop of sorts. 

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