Jack Chandler Gamble | 9 months

See that teeny baby in the upper lefthand corner with the tie? That is Jack Chandler at 8 days old. That was my first newborn session EVER! See the belly on the upper righthand corner? That’s him too in my first maternity session ever!

And now the little man is crawling, clapping, pulling up, and smiling like crazy. He is seriously the most agreeable baby I know. I am so grateful that the Gambles let me use their beautiful faces to build my portfolio and through them, I’ve gotten probably half of my business. Their friends told their friends and those friends told their friends and so on. So thank you guys for being a sturdy foundation for Bailey Lane 😉 I love you three so very much! And now I better go because I’m supposed to be at your house in 29 minutes. Can’t wait to see you, Jack Chandler!

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