it’s a miracle! | Oahu Child Beach Photography

…it’s a miracle that I got a decent picture of the five of them together! These are dear friends of mine, so I feel like I can be real for a second right now. I’ve photographed lots of kiddos of different ages, but I knew this would be my greatest challenge yet…to capture 5 kids ages 5 and under. Eeek! I’m all about hoping and trying for the best, but one must have realistic expectations! It is nice to have some shots of everyone looking at the camera and smiling pretty, but here’s the thing, sitting still and smiling pretty is like the opposite of real life. Soooo we try our best and make the most of it over here! Having a good sense of humor also helps;)

These sweet babes have my heart for sure. They are dear friends of ours and I could go on and on about the ways mama Ashley has blessed me in the past few months. She is seriously an amazing picture of God’s grace as she cares for 5 babes 5 and under by herself while her hubby is deployed. Challenging work! But somehow she’s found time to be a good friend to me. We are anxiously waiting for Daddy to come home! These children are such a blessing to my little family. Auntie loves you!

And here we are keeping it real.. It wasn’t long before they were rolling in the sand and having the time of their lives. I don’t take my job too seriously…

And the last pic on the right is perfection;) Makes me smile so big, because it is so them!

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