honeymooning | Oahu Couples Photographer

My friend, Erin, asked me if I was coming to her wedding in Texas. I sadly replied “no” really wishing I could be there. She then tells me she’s honeymooning in Hawaii. “Whhhaaaat? Which island?”  “Oahu”  “Girlfriend, that’s the island I live on! So you better watch out or I’m gonna bust up your honeymoon.” I said something a little more subtle than that but she wanted to meet up, so I didn’t have to. Yipee!

 So we picked them up on the day they got here and they got to ride in the back of our tiny Jetta on either side of the car seat (romantic!). We stopped for a quick photo session at the beach and then headed to dinner to catch up. We were just so thrilled to have some friends from home visiting! We were stupidly excited and they were probably like “oooookkay, you can take us back now”, lol.

Well, this worked out pretty well for us. Haha, come back anytime! For real, congrats, you two.


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