hey, meet our baby!

I suppose this is old news now, but I haven’t really announced it here… We’re having a baby! I figured I might want to look back and see these pictures in my blog feed someday. I’m 25 weeks now and feeling pretty great! I haven’t been very good at documenting the pregnancy thus far, but hoping to change that now that I’ve got a bump going on. These pics were taken at 17 weeks, the day we found out the gender. I am so glad we did something special to reveal the gender. I will cherish these memories forever!! A big thanks to our friend Z for taking the pics, and to our friend Anna for putting the box together!

I was SO surprised. I swore she was going to be a boy, and I think my face shows it! That’s such an unattractive picture of me seeing the pink balloon, but I don’t even care! It was such a beautiful moment. Can’t wait to meet our girl in late June! Sadly, I won’t be getting anymore ultrasounds to see our girl. According to my doctor, everything is normal and uneventful, so there’s no need. I was hoping to get a good picture of her profile for keepsake, but she was a bit uncooperative at my 17 week appointment, so we’ll have to wait until she’s here. Then I can take as many pictures as I want 🙂

And here it is in video. Please excuse my obnoxious squeals!


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