grown people clothes for little people bodies

I really, really love kid’s clothing. In my preteen years, Aunt Angela would let me pick out her little girls’ outfits. I would stay with her for up to a week at at time and spend a good 20-30 minutes each morning mixing and matching their clothes to find the perfect outfit for their petite little bodies. And then I would do their hair while they brushed their teeth : ) What a good niece, right?! But seriously, I thought she was so cool for letting me have that responsibility. They are teenagers now, picking out their own clothes and doing their own hair, but some things never change…

I still looove little people clothes. If I had a few babies of my own, I would consider using my discount to get these crewcuts items. Actually, I would limit myself to the sale section, but a girl can dream, right?!

For the girls:

For the boys:

And everyone in the family would need a chambray shirt {not to be worn at the same time}. I keep waiting for them to go on sale, but it’s unlikely that it will happen anytime soon.

That was way too much fun.

Be back soon with an engagement sneak peek!

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