Good morning!

You’ll be seeing more pics of this baby girl later…

But for now, I just wanted to stop in and say hello! I hate that I haven’t had time to post much this week, but I have a couple things in mind. Maybe a post on why I named this business Bailey Lane, or a post on why I’m glad I married my husband, or a post on fear and frustration because I’ve had a lot of that these days. I also have a little home project I’m doing and you’ve never seen my living room or my kitchen so I need to post about that, too.

In other news, I invested in a fancy smancy planner yesterday, but I’m not gonna bore you with the details. My mom and I talked about planners for a good hour on our way home from Canton, which was a blast by the way! I’ve never been before, but we are already planning our next trip. We shopped ’til we dropped all day long and I loved every minute of it. I thought it was going to be more “country”. Some of it was, but a lot of it was like a huge flea market and we got some killer deals!

Well, I’ve got to dry my hair, stop by the post office, and go to work. I don’t talk about my other job much on here, but I work at j.crew part time, buuuut next Monday is my last day. I’m glad to have the other half of my weekends back. I was getting really worn out and poor bailey lane was feeling a little neglected. We’ll talk soon!

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