finn & sawyer

Finn and Sawyer are brothers and these crowns couldn’t be more perfect for them!

Remember, when I told you that I have a friend making crochet baby hats and accessories for me? Well, here they are! The green cocoon, crowns, white hats, and brown hat are Sawyers, but the rest are now a part of our growing collection! Sawyer was such a good little model.

Okay, disclaimer on these last ones. Many of you have probably seen this photo on pinterest. I pinned it a few months ago and knew I had to get my hands on one of those baby turtle outfits. My family (my parents) have a slight obsession with turtles. My cousins call my dad “Uncle Turtle” and my mom buys pretty much anything that has a turtle on it. So, when Emily asked me what items she wanted me to crochet, the baby turtle was at the top of the list. I was planning on saving it for my own turtle babies one day, but couldn’t resist. Anyway, long story short, I thought I needed to give credit where credit is due. Props to Ten Toes Photography and Calleighsclips on Etsy for thinking of this cute idea! I very obviously copied the photo and everything, but this turtle outfit makes me so happy that I don’t even care right now. Sawyer looks so cute in it!

My mom will definitely be getting a canvas of her turtle grandbabies one day!

These are just a few of the adorable crochet hats and items that I have. Once Emily has her baby, I can show you the rest…unless she has a boy, and then I will need a little girl to model the rest of the girly ones!

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