exactly as I envisioned it

I am so in love with this session and this family! I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it many more times, but one of my favorite parts of this job is developing relationships with families. I love it when people come back for more pictures. It’s definitely an honor to be asked to come back and then to be contacted by the friends and family of clients that I already know. So thank you for spreading the word and sharing pictures of your cute kids with your friends and families. That has allowed me to focus less on advertising and focus more on taking pictures and making every session personal and unique. It is esecially easy to do that when I’ve already been to your house and know what I’m working with. The Howards have great big windows by their bed with good lighting in mid afternoon, so I knew I wanted to go with a simple, white, and slightly feminine theme for Penny. So I brought my canopy and my white duvet cover and we put Penny in a simple white diaper cover. It is easier to make a plan and set up a theme when I know the space I’ll be working with. Sometimes, I dream of having a studio with huge windows like these, but then I think it might get boring, too. There’s nothing personal about a studio and there’s not much opportunity to catch you in the moment. I don’t just want to capture faces, I want to capture memories. But then again, I could do every single 6 month session like this one. I guess these are the kind of images I dream of for my own littles at 6 months…nothing fancy, just chubby legs, wide eyes, perfect skin, and tiny tummies. I love the 6 month age because they’re not walking yet, which means they still have a lot of baby rolls and they aren’t running away from me either. They’re interacting, smiling, laughing, and some of them are still flexible enough to suck on their toes–those are the little things I would want to remember about my own baby. I grieve for parents as I edit images of their beautiful babies. I grieve because they grow up so fast! They won’t always want to lay their head down on your chest when their tired or suck on their toes when they’re teething and all of the other cute {and sometimes annoying} little things that babies do. They remind me that life is so fragile and so sacred and also, that I’m in the right profession- the art of preserving memories. What a privilege!

Okay, this is the longest intro ever, but I’m almost done. We kept giggling about how inquisitive Penny is. We maybe got 5 smiles out of her in 2 hours, but she did so many other things to melt my heart. Such a little lady.

No wonder I can’t stop thinking about starting my own little family. They make it look so good. Sheesh.

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