elliotte lately | oahu newborn lifestyle photography

You’ll be seeing more personal photos here on this space for obvious reasons:) I’m still not sure how I will go about sharing our personal photos and stories for the long-term, so for now I will share little bits here.

Ellie..she’s just doing what babies do, but to us, each and every thing she does gives us so much joy. We had such a rough start with her and I think that’s why we feel so thankful and joyous with every tiny step forward.

She is truly her own little person..

nappin’ on our bed and still smiling in her sleep..

and smiling shyly when we talk to her..

I could write so much about what God has been teaching me. For now, I’m storing those treasures in my heart.. pondering them quietly as I go about my day nursing, rocking, & shhh-ing. Doing what mamas do.

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