Craft Week Day 1 | Bow Pillow

A little late on the first post, but here it is:

I wish I could’ve posted this earlier in the day. I kind of forgot about Labor Day and how I might not want to do anything work related on this awesome holiday. But is this really “work”? It sure doesn’t seem like it, but I’m pretty sure my husband would say that it is. He’s a good man to help me set boundaries. Speaking of that guy…I don’t talk about him much on here, but let me tell you something. I’ve got it good. He is the reason why I get to do what I love AND he cooks me dinner every night. You might wonder what in the world I am doing while he cooks. Usually, I’m making something like this:

Sometimes I feel like a bad wife for not cooking dinner, but on the same hand I like to brag that my he does the cooking, likes it, and is better at it than I am. I guess there are things he can’t do. Like make this throw pillow for less than $6!

Here’s how I made it:


-1 yard of fabric


-sewing machine

-16 x 16 inch pillow form

Let me first say that I am in no way an expert seamstress. I usually make things up as I go along, but for those of you that like a bit of instruction, here’s how I did it with links to the tutorials I followed.

1. I cut my front and back pieces, measuring 17″x17″.

2. I cut the middle piece (the piece the bow is attached to), measuring 12″ x 17.5″. I folded this piece longways in half, sewed along the edge, and flipped it right side out. Eventually it will have the bow attached to it like this.

3. Then I made the bow. I cut two pieces for it 1) 12″ x 22″ and 2) 3″ x 5″

4. I followed this tutorial to make the bow, but waited to wrap the smaller piece around until I finished the pillow part.

5. I lined my pieces up, placing the middle piece (from step 2) in between the 17″ x 17″ inch pieces, and sewed along the edges of three sides.

6. I flipped the pillow cover right side out, placed my bow in the center, and wrapped the small piece around both the bow and the middle piece (where the bow is attached).

7. I stuffed the pillow with the pillow form and hand stitched the fourth side shut.

And you’re done! The bow was the most difficult part for me, but the tutorial I linked for it is very good. Honestly, I think you could make the bow with a glue gun if you want to sew as little as possible.




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