Craft Day 4 | Thread Spool=Necklace Rack

I am sooo tired and this smoke from the fires is giving me horrible allergies. This post is way late with only 1 hour of “day 4” left, but sometimes life happens, people need you, and things can wait.

Before I forget, several of you sent me messages about my post yesterday. I’m always so encouraged by the way you guys respond when I talk about what is real and eternal. I think our hearts long to dwell on things that matter–the photos, crafting, and vacations are fun, but I think what we need most is to be reminded of the gospel and to hear stories of God’s faithfulness and love towards his children. We’re all prone to wander.

Anyway, I love thread spools! Is that even what they’re called? I got this one from my Aunt Karen at her garage sale and I’ve been looking for a way to use it in the house. I don’t have anymore room in my tiny office closet, so into the bathroom it went! Sometimes I forget to wear jewelry because it is poorly organized on one large hook in my closet. So I chose my favorites/the ones that will go with most of my outfits. It works great and adds a little extra decor to an otherwise blank wall.

And this is a laundry rack. Another one of those items I liked but couldn’t figure out what to do with it and since we have very little storage, things either have to have a spot to belong or I have to give it away. I hot glued paper clips the the rails and slid the pictures into the paper clip. I wish I had the metal clips that hold large stacks of paper. I can’t think of their proper name, but they would have been a lot cuter for this project. I was just went for cheap + convenient.

I was flipping through pictures today and came across these pics of our living room. I don’t think I’ve shown it to you yet:

I think I’ve thrown away some magazines since then, too. That pile on the bottom left corner is driving me crazy. It’s been hard for me to add on anything to the living room. I keep wanting to change it up and do something different, but I think this room is in it’s happy place. When I start adding things, it never looks right. So I’ve resorted to decorating other people’s living rooms, right April?


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