confessions, favorite blogs, and our weekend

Ugh, the past few days have been pretty lame. I’m just feeling kind of lonely working from home the majority of the day. Life is pretty simple around here and I love that, but there are days I feel like I should be busier simply because everyone else is. I am trying to just rest in the the Lord’s plan for my life right now and be thankful that I am not running around like a made woman all of the time. (: But honestly, sometimes I just feel invisible to the world and very alone in those feelings. It’s hard for me to share things like this, but my hope is that someone else with those same feelings will read this and know that they are not alone.

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite blogs with you!! There are so many amazing blogs out there, but it is hard to find them if you’re a newbie to the blog world. And since I haven’t posted any onto my sidebar, I thought I would just share them in a post. I’ve decided to keep my blog simple and clean for the time being, and this stuff is too creative and lovely to keep to myself.

1. http://.designspongeonline.comtons of home decor DIY projects.

2. – great tutorials! I’ve done many of them myself and they are always well explained and easy to follow. She and are husband are both very creative and smart about the way they run their business.

3. – Darby is hilarious, warm, and crafty. I mostly follow her blog simply because I like who she is.

4. – (Under the Sycamore). Another great place to find cheap DIY projects. She has a vintage-y style that makes me want to run to a flea market right this second.

5. – Jamie goes to our church and shares about her life as a mom to 4 kids, three of which are adopted.

6. –  Alison, my sweet sister-in-law, is an incredibly gifted writer, wife, and mom of 2. She taught me how to use my sewing machine. She is so very honest, sincere, and creative. Love her!

7. –  this is a new discovery of mine. Rita shares free photoshop actions and textures. Yep, free. There are tons of them!

8. – another home decor DIY hub. They’ve bought two houses, fixed them up, and shared tons of tutorials and tips along the way.

9. – Jessica designs the most darling baby/toddler shoes I’ve ever seen! She also shares the photos that inspire each shoe that she designs.

There so many more out there, but these are my favorites. Enjoy!

And here are a few pics from this weekend. Tom, Lilly, and I went on a gorgeous walk at Town Lake on Saturday and then to Zilker Park to play some frisbee golf on Sunday. The weather was perfect and I can’t remember a time in my life where I felt more content.

Lilly made a friend:

and is getting curious about boy dogs. uh oh!:

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