blog design inspiration

I draw major inspiration from living spaces so when I began the process of re-designing my blog, this one image kept popping into my mind. I wanted my blog to feel like that room felt to me– fresh and clean with the focus on the my images. I love keeping things simple. I started thinking about why I’m so obsessed with simplicity. The answer was obvious–because our world is crazy and I don’t want to add to the craziness! Also, in the past few years I feel like we’ve experienced a visual overload with the introduction of blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, need I go on? I love it ALL, but it gives me anxiety sometimes! Too much. So I wanted this space to be like a breath of fresh air–something to enhance your life, not take from it.

So I pulled this image from my Pinterest archive and went to town in Photoshop. I pulled my favorite hues and found a shape that resembled what I loved so much about the quilt. It took me hours to figure out how I would incorporate those darn things into my blog, but I was determined! It wouldn’t be complete without them.

Then I started working on the logo. I wanted it to be simple, but not too simple. I love a cursive letter “B” so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow.

Lastly, I found that I was really drawn to fat horizontal stripes like these and these. So I created some greige stripes in Photoshop and turns out it was the final touch I was looking for.

I kept asking myself these three things:

1. How can I make this an inviting space?

2. What do I want to be the focus? What do I want to communicate at first glance?

3. How can I incorporate my personal flair and style without overriding #1 and #2?

I think it’s important to invest time and money into making your web space just right, just like you would for an office space. I think this process could help anyone designing a blog or website. You don’t have any training in web design, but if you’re stubborn enough you can figure it out! Google + trial and error is how I do it:-) And a lot of  t i m e, which is why I’m not finished with it yet! There will be plenty of kinks to work out. If you come across any, let me know because I may not be aware of them:-)

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