Ben | 3 months

You may remember this little man from a few months ago as a newborn. Isn’t it crazy how much they change in just a few short months?! Jen, Ben’s mommy, asked me about doing four more sessions of Ben at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months to capture all of his milestones and sweet facial expressions at each age. I love it when I get watch the baby grow and form a relationship with the family. Jen wrote me the sweetest e-mail regarding my post from last Wednesday. It was so encouraging and really made my heart overflow with joy. I’m so glad that I will be seeing more of them this year!

I love this session–so colorful and playful, light and cheery. We got up early and I’m glad we did, because you know it gets hot fast in mid-August. Zilker has the greenest grass in Texas right now. It was nice to be on some grass that doesn’t crunch and blow up dust when you step on it. There was even a little bit of mist left from the sprinklers and I pretended that it was left over from real, heaven-sent moisture in the air.


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