another Texas Golden hour

Hawaii has beautiful green mountains and blue ocean, and Texas has its’ sky. There is something so calming to my soul about a Texas sunset. The sky is so expansive. It’s Texas’ crown of glory.

I’ve photographed this sweet family three times now. I always say this, but it is such an honor be asked a second and third time to take a family’s portraits. I love seeing the kids grow and catching up with mom and dad about life. It feels familiar and I have a better idea of who they are and how to tell their story. I take the responsibility of photographing families so seriously. Because these are people. Precious lives that have meaning and history and a story to tell. We never know what tomorrow holds and photos help us to remember who we were at each stage of our life. I just love people and I love families. Photographing them makes me feel so alive.

Which reminds me of something beautiful I read this week:

“The world needs you awake and alive. Does the world need another book? Song? Painted living room? Not necessarily. But the world does need you to come alive right where you are and not where you wish you were. If writing books or songs or painting living rooms is what makes you come alive, then thats what you’ll need to do.”

A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

I read this and thought of my art. At times I’ve questioned why I should purse photography. It seems there are so many people trying to do the same thing, and that there’s no need for me here. But these words sunk in deep. I need to do this because it’s what makes me come alive. No over-analyzation needed.I love to interacting with others who love what they do. The barista that smiles and asks how I am, the musician that pours his heart and soul into his music, the preschool teacher that joyfully leads her classroom…they touch my soul and inspire me to live my own art. I want to be that for other people! Sometimes, the very best thing you can do is so simple: do what you love.

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