an update

Oh friends, are you even out there reading this anymore? I’ve neglected the blog for months and I so wish I hadn’t, but I was in survival mode! You know how you get that glazed over look when you there’s just so much going on and you’re overstimulated? That’s me these past three months. Kind of glazed over…Where do I even begin? Well, if we were to chat on the phone, you would ask me how Hawaii is and this is mostly what I’d tell you:

Hawaii is absolutely beautiful. I love the ocean, I love the weather, I love the scenery. The highs are really high….

….and the lows are really low. I know you’ve been thinking I’m livin’ it up in paradise, right? Well, the truth is sometimes I AM! But  the majority of the time, I am not. Life is still life and we still have to drive to work, buy groceries, find a way to work out, and keep the ants and heat at bay. Everyday life is more challenging and we are still adjusting to the worst traffic in the nation, no AC in our house, ants all up in our business, and really expensive groceries. We knew all of those things going into the move, but it still takes time to adjust, so that’s where we are. I’m not gonna lie, I do my fair share of complaining, but mostly we try to have a sense of humor about everything and that really helps. For example, Lilly often looks like she got a bad spray tan because of the red dirt that stains anything it touches..

 And if all else fails, we go to the beach or go hiking and suddenly we remember exactly why we moved here.

That Lilly is a regular island girl…swimming in the waves and getting sand on her nose:

Clearly, the attachment I have to my dog is borderline unhealthy, but whatever!! In all seriousness, we feel a lot of peace about being here, and we love, love, love the friends we are making at our new church. I’m learning what it means to be hospitable and welcoming from the people that have opened their hearts and homes to us. We’ve felt so vulnerable at times and can’t imagine what this would be like without our new friends. They’re saints. Tom and I secretly joked for the longest time that we live in a foreign country now, but we thought it might be offensive to some people, so we didn’t share that with anyone until recently, and indeed, we are not alone! Our military friends assure us that they felt and still feel that way at times. Thank God, I’m not the only cry baby that’s moved to this island.

So, what is the big cry baby up to these days? Well, a whole lot of nesting and learning how to get around the island. I’ve been here two months now and I think we finally have our house fully furnished and decorated (very important for me to feel at home)We brought our clothes, bedding, curtains, and towels, and shipped 1 car, but other than that, we started from scratch. So I’ve been busy garage sale-ing, craigslist-ing, and sale stalking to make this move as affordable as possible. You know I love a good DIY project, so it’s been a super fun challenge and I’m thankful for the flexibility to do it. I’ve had a few photography projects since we got here, but nothing too crazy. Honestly, I’m in a bit of a photography rut and need to make a better habit of capturing our own memories.In other news, we spent a weekend in Kauai for our two year anniversary, had Tom’s parents here for a few days and now my mom is here. I start my new job this Monday. I will dedicate a post to that later this week!

Whew. If you read until the end, bless you! It feels good to emerge from the fog.

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