A time for everything and iphone photos

Happy 2012, my friends. The dear blog has been neglected for two weeks. I promise we are getting down to business over here this week. The holidays were busy and I had zero motivation to get in front of the computer. November and December were busy and wonderful, so thank you for that! I love being busy. I still need to post about 6 sessions from last year and that’s all I will be doing this week. But I so needed time away from the screen to spend time with my favorite people and make a few memories.

Something about this time of year makes me feel a little off. Can anyone else relate? I have mixed emotions about everything. I love this time of year, but the whole time I’m living it I’m afraid to love it too much because then it’s going to be over. Everyone will go back to their everyday routines in their respective cities and start a new year. I’m kind of not ready for a new year. I really liked the last one and I’m not ready to move on. Mostly, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to spending quality time together, eating good food together, going to the movies together–it’s like the end of the holidays is the end of togetherness and I really don’t like it. I guess what I’m not liking is change. This next year will involve a lot of change, as they all do, and I’m just not sure yet. Reflecting on this past year…

I love the way this little one crawls in my lap and says “shhh, I dotta tell you a secret”:

I love the way these two do everything together:

I love the way my tree looked this year and I don’t want to take it down:

I love how these babies felt in my arms and I don’t want them to grow up:

I loved that I got to see these two so much this year and I don’t want them to grow up either:

And I love my little family so much it hurts. Next year we will all be a little older, a little more tired, and a little less cute (okay, maybe not…and if we are, please don’t mention it):

I’m learning so well that life to functions in seasons, some are bitter and some are sweet. This was a sweet season and I’m not wanting it to end, but I know that it will. Hardship will eventually come and I’ll be so glad to move on to the next season of life. I think I just need more time than most to adjust and that’s okay. The rest of the world seems to be rejoicing over this new year and I’m in mourning over the last. But soon I too will be making new years resolutions, changing things up on my blog, and rejoicing over the new possibilities ahead of us this year. But not yet…

I’ll be back starting tomorrow with some beautiful sessions!



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