a name & a room

This post is unrelated to photography, but I’m feeling like sharing a little bit about us today….

I’ve been putting together our girl’s nursery the last few weeks. I originally wanted to do an inspiration board, but got lazy and didn’t do one. But as I started ordering & making more things, I realized I needed to be able to see how everything would go together visually in order to achieve the look I was going for. I wanted to use things that we already had on hand and order things from the stores that would offer free or affordable shipping to Hawaii. Also, I knew I needed to be strategic with the furniture and layout because her bedroom is pretty tiny. Oh, and I wanted to spend as little as possible. All of those constraints made for a really fun challenge! This kind of DIY/budget/small space decorating is probably my favorite passion behind photography. I really, really love it.

Oh and baby girl has a name! We decided on it a long time ago and even shared with family and friends. I kind of had some second thoughts on it, and then basically chalked those up to crazy hormones. Her name will be….

Her nickname will be “ellie”, which means shining light or sun ray, and many people are calling her that already. We love both names and both meanings, so it’s a win win!

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