a few new photo props

I’ve been dying to make one of these canopies to use during sessions. I don’t have a lot of space to store props in the apartment we’re in, so these double as props + decor. Two birds, one stone.

The canopy was cheap and easy. I bought some $4 curtains from ikea and a $9 plant basket from Roundtop. I spray painted the basket  and ran a string through the curtains and arranged it on top of the basket. Voila! Tom says it looks “girly”. What do you think?

The black canvas and white rufflies are not props, but a sweet addition to our dresser.

And this tiny chair has been sitting in our guest bedroom forever. I am not in love with it, but if you put a cute toddler on it, I think it will work. I can’t complain, it was practically free to make.

And this is unrelated, but we are loving our balcony right now. The weather is perfect in the morning and evening to sit out there and read. Lilly loves it and we get to chat with our neighbors as they take out their dogs. I’m love living here!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say hey mostly! I am in Auburn, AL with family right now and the TX/OU game is on. Talk later and Hook ‘Em!

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