a few family photos

I kind of forgot how awesome it is to have family pictures taken. This past weekend we went to Roundtop with our friends Ashton and Stephen for the antique fair. We drove up on Friday and stayed in La Grange where Ashton grew up and while we were there we decided to take family pictures of each other. The boys were kind of grumbly about it but they obliged and now we have photos for our holiday cards. Ashton took these for us and she did an awesome job! I set her up in manual mode for each pose we did and then had her focus in on us. It was weird being in front of the camera. I felt a little silly and awkward, as all of you do I’m sure. It was good for me to remember what that’s like.

Ashton is still picking out her favorites from the ones I took of them, but I will show you how good looking they are tomorrow! Mousse, their cute puppy, could have a modeling career in her future. She was completely cooperative and stayed in any position you wanted her to. Lilly on the other hand, not so much. Our little wiggle worm was so NOT interested in taking family photos…too many fun things to do in that wide open field! While I was taking S&A’s pictures, I told Tom to wait with Lilly in the truck so that she wouldn’t get all muddy. Tom put her in there, but got distracted by “hundreds” of doves so he left her in the truck alone with the windows open. A few minutes of whining by Lilly go by…then she gets kind of quiet… I look over at the truck and I see this white furry blob flying from the cab. She jumped out of the window! And ran straight for the mud. Lol, it’s funny now but in that moment, Mama was NOT happy. All that to say, Lilly has no career in puppy modeling.

We managed to get a few good ones though. I will treasure these forever. Thank you Ashton for taking them and thank you Stephen for doing fairy dances for Lilly (and us) behind Ashton. You’re a good man.

And a few in B&W:

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